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Jaime Parker Stickle -
Writer, Actor, Storyteller, & Podcaster.

Hi! Thanks for being here, I'm Jaime.


I’m from a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan and after 20 years in Los Angeles I can confirm I have not lost my Michigan dialect.


After working at local Detroit TV news stations I decided that I wanted to pursue bigger, and often funnier, stories. I wanted to write and tell stories that made people laugh and cry—and I wanted to reach a larger audience so, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue TV and film writing and acting.


After writing for groups like Boom Chick Boom, attending programs at UCB and Groundlings, and graduating from the Second City writing program, I knew I wanted to go back to school and focus on writing. I received my MFA from the University of California, Riverside under the mentorship of Tod Goldberg.


During and after grad school I began creating space for other writers and artists to explore their own writing journeys through Storytelling workshops, live shows that I produced and hosted, and by creating the Make That Paper podcast, where we talk about all the side-hustles and day jobs artists work to support themselves while being, well, artists. 

Through it all I continue to write novels with

strong female protagonists, who are authentically human.

My current heroine is Corey Tracy-Lieberman, loosely based on myself. So loosely (I decided she couldn’t have all the fun investigating cold cases) that I created a new investigative true crime podcast, The Girl with the Same Name, in her honor.


​As I continue to write stories about Corey, I am also working to write and tell the stories of real women who were victims of heinous crimes. These are often stories with no ending, so sadly I usually find that satisfaction only when writing fiction.

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