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Jaime Parker Stickle -
Writer, Actor, Storyteller, & Podcaster.

Hi! Thanks for being here, I'm Jaime.

I was born in a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan.  Reading, writing, and performing are my most prevalent memories of childhood. From the time I reported to my bunkmates at church camp that I'd read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in a day (which caught me the title - liar) to winning my first story-writing competition in the fourth grade, I continue to wonder if the passion came from my parents purchasing me a Printing Press toy in the 80s--encouraging my love of writing stories—or if the bug was just built into my DNA.

Pursuing a career as an artist comes with a lot of other jobs—or side-hustles. From Starbucks barista to Detroit local television news, to corporate gigs at companies like Nestlé, there are at least 27 jobs from my teenage years through my 20s that kept a roof over my head, food on the table, and writing and acting classes flowing. They've also inspired most of my creative work including the hilarious and poignant podcast Make That Paper, which I created and co-host. You can check out more about me and the podcast in my interview with Voyage LA magazine!


I attended Michigan State University where I was a producer, writer, and actor on the program, Side Show. I earned undergraduate degrees in Telecommunications and Theatre while maintaining a slew of jobs including tutoring elementary school children--teaching kids to read through theatre.


An overnight decision--while working at the local News station, WDIV--led me to pack as much as I could into my old Ford Tempo, and drive west to Hollywood (well, Oceanside, about 100 miles south of LA, but I got there a few months later). There, I studied with some of the finest directors, writers, acting teachers, and institutions in the business including Emmy Award-winning Director Mary Lou Belli, UCB, and Groundlings. Additionally, I am a graduate of the Second City Theater writing program.


After writing for groups like Boom Chick Boom, stand-up comedy, radio, and several short films that made their way through competitions and festivals--I decided to go back for my master’s in creative writing, earning an MFA from the University of California Riverside--low residency program.


You can hear more about me in an interview I did on the GXRL podcast.  

I am currently working on my first novel!


I still reside in Los Angeles with my husband, Jason Beeber, our son, and a couple of the world’s worst behaved, cutest dogs.

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